Sunday 5 April 2020

Welcome to Mook 2.0

What am I doing here?

Thoughts during broken moments

No one needs another blog, and I don't need the time to write another blog, but I'm going to anyway. I'm reviving this old blog where I reflect and muse on music, films, books, poetry and politics. I'm doing it as an experiment: can I write? And if I can how can I get better at writing? Writing is fascinating, and it is my goal to move from simply hammering out my thoughts at one hundred miles per hour to moving to inquisitive and reflective thoughts during my most broken moments.

Stuck indoors

After all, I'm writing in the middle of the UK lockdown, the coronavirus crisis. We are all spending more time indoors, and I'm battling with the challenge of working from home. Working from home means I'm stuck in front of this computer, so I can force myself to write.
I may write these words and no-one read them. I may write these words and people may find them dreadful, lumped, leaden and weak. "Only fools laugh at failure. Wise men laugh at the lazy and the too-contented and at those who are so timid that they dare undertake nothing." OK, Alain Gerbault wrote those words reflecting on the dangers of a round the world sailing trip, not launching a boat, but the sense is the same, even if I'm not brave enough to sail around the local lake, let alone the world.
Anyway, let's begin. I'll dig out, and try to improve, old writing, and produce new writing too. Feel welcome to read, to comment and to share.

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